Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We are Readers!

Kindergartners are learning their word families! Word families help students recognize the patterns in words. We learned the -at, -an and -it word families second quarter. This quarter will add the -ig, -ot and -ox families! An engaging and fun site to visit and practice these "families" is

Words to know this quarter:

Short a words: at, bat, cat, hat, mat, Nat, Pat, rat, sat, vat, an, ban, can, Dan, fan, Jan, man, Nan, pan, ran, tan, van

Short i words: bit, fit, hit, it, kit, lit,pit, quit, sit, wit, big, dig, fig, jig, pig, rig, wig, zig

Short o words: cot, dot, got, hot, jot, lot, not, pot, rot, tot, box, fox, ox

Sight words: a, and, are, for, go, have, he, here, I, is, like, my, play, said, see, she, the, to

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Northern Lights- Math and Literacy Connections

Kindergartners are not only learning to count by ones, they are learning to count by fives and tens! We introduced the concept of counting by fives by reading the book, Arctic Fives Arrive by Elinor J. Pinczes. The children loved this story which is a fun way to introduce the concepts of math (counting by fives), the arctic habitat, geography and natural phenomenon (the northern lights).
We then watched a short video showing and explaining the northern lights on Discovery Education. The children were so excited they insisted we watch it twice! The children then drew and colored their own skies in their journals and used their color words to describe their skies.

 The Northern Lights

Friday, February 4, 2011

Technology in the Classroom

Kindergarteners are using technology in the classroom! We have been using computers during our center time to practice different math and literacy skills. Some of our favorite sites are and RAZkids.
The students have now been introduced to our new iPod touches. Mrs. Breen and Mrs. Hunerdosse worked with small groups to introduce them to the iPod Touch and now they are working independently on math and literacy skills.
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Practicing math and literacy skills with iPod Touch!

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